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Ensuring your employees are performing their tasks safely is vital in ensuring workplace injuries are kept to a bare minimum. Our safety training videos are filmed onsite using your personnel, your equipment, and your company’s logo to ensure the video is company specific. This will help to bring home the message of safety that your organisation is after. We will work with you to identify the key training points and ensure every safety aspect of the tasks being filmed is captured. We can also capture footage for manual handling videos that are specific to your products and workplace.

How can you use our customised training videos?

  • Job Specific Training. Provide clear, concise and consistent training that is specificto the tasks your employees perform every day. Whether its office safety and ergonomics, manual handling, housekeeping or hazard reporting. Whatever your need is we can capture it in a high quality company specific training video.
  • Job Dictionaries. Job dictionaries or task analysis’ are an extremely important tool to clearly identifythe physical requirement of a given task or job. What better way to show a treating doctor or RTW person than providing that information in a video format. Click here for more information on Job Dictionaries.
  • Induction Training. Ensure your new personnel knows exactly what their safety obligations are with a company specific induction video that can cover anything from policies and procedures to emergency evacuation to safe manual handling tips

What benefits can you achieve from our customised training videos?

  • Huge return on investment by reducing the potential for injury and therefore claims costs including lost time, RTW fees, premium increases, recruitment fees etc.
  • Prescribed review questions for the purpose of education and training
  • Educating your staff in the safe operation of key tasks within your organisation
  • Ensures a highly specific and consistent message is being presented the same way every time
  • Compliance with legislation by providing workplace training to improve employees work practices
  • Helps to promote awareness and prompt discussion on safe work practices which can lead to safety improvements in the workplace

Call us on 03 5977 0222 for more information and a free quote on our safety and manual handling videos.

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